Highlights of Microsoft Windows Machine 2003

Also well known by the title of Win2K3, Windows Server 2003 is a server operating system which was created by Microsoft, on 24 April 2003. It’s additional scalable and ensures to provide a much better performance in comparison with its predecessor, Windows 2000. The truth is, since the introduction of its, a few versions are brought into the market. The hottest one is Windows server 2008, released on four February 2008.

With Microsoft Windows server 2003 installed on your pc, there are various benefits that can be availed:

• Aiming to boost the default security, Win2K3 disables many services by default as well as has a built-in firewall.
• It offers Internet Information Services (IIS) v6.0, which happens to be known to be a significantly improved edition of IIS.
• There’s a major improvement in Message Queuing process.
• The person himself can handle the server of his now. Win2K3 can bring the task management administrative tool which often allows an administrator to pick the operation he desires the server should supply him with.
• With a drastic enhancement in the Active directory, it’s now possible to run a lot of instances of the directory server. Also the user can now deactivate courses in the design.
• The Group policy handling system and administration policies have been improved upon with Win2K3.
• For the lost documents, Microsoft Windows server 2003 offers a backup system which can help restoring the exact same.
• It has an improved disk management, which enables to back up from shadows of documents, means when they are open or even in use.
• Another first step of Microsoft Windows 2003 will be the launch of better scripting and command line tools, which allows to bring a total command shell to the next version of Windows.
• Last but not the very least it supports a hardware-based “watchdog timer”. When the device does not react with a certain period of time, at that time this timer restarts the server.

For various types of other activities and organizations, Windows Server 2003 can be bought in a variety of editions. In order to meet up with the targets of different sizes, you are able to opt among varying categories. Nevertheless, all these variants of Windows Server 2003 are in a position of becoming connected to the printers and sharing files with other systems. In addition, it works as an application server, horde note queues, provide email services, action as an X.509 certificate server, authenticate owners, function streaming press, provide LDAP directory services, as well as do other server-oriented functions.

Certainly one of the latest and crucial services that are made available with the setting up of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 is the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and that is also referred to as tar pitting feature. Without Win2K3, this particular element is disabled by default. It’s on the list of best features, since it’s put to purposely create delays into some SMTP communications which are associated with spam or another unwanted traffic. There are certain communications, that in order to be more beneficial, generates a large amount of legitimate visitors and this also could be slowed down by Tar pitting feature only.


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