Precisely how Windows Server 2008 Can Help Your Business

Web-based Experiences Delivered effectively and Efficiently with Windows Server 2008

IIS7, Windows PowerShell, and Windows Server Manager offer enhanced server management, streamlined management, arrangement and Web tasks. The enhanced security plus dependability of eNetwork Access Protection and also the Read-Only Domain Controller are strengthen the os and also preserve the server environment. Your business is built on this good foundation.

What does this mean for your business? Include: is highlighted by feature

Built for the Web

Web server management is simplified with Internet Information Services 7.0. This modular platform provides a task-based interface, improved management across health management, security enhancements, and sites for Web Services. Users are hooked up to their data and one another with Internet Information Server (IIS) 7 and.NET Framework 3.0. Acting, sharing, and visualization upon information are enabled by the comprehensive applications platform.


Windows, Other operating systems and linux can be virtualized on a single server, maximizing the advantages and cost savings. Virtualization is integrated to the OS with improved licensing flexibility. House windows Server 2008 helps the construction of agile and dynamic datacenters which satisfy a dynamic business’ criteria. Remoteapp and gateway by Terminal Services are both of the optimized for remote desktop and access application integration, applying secure and seamless application deployment without the need for a Virtual Private Network.


Windows Server 2008 excels in its safety innovative developments and hardened operating system, with Network Access Protection, Federated Rights Management, and Read-Only Domain Controller. Previously unknown levels of protection are probable for your network, business, and data. Windows Server 2008 defends against intrusion or even network failure among facts, user accounts, and servers. Network Access Protection isolates machines which in turn defy business security policy, maintaining recurring compliance checks, restriction of the network, and remediation. Persistent protection for vulnerable information is provided by Federated Rights Management Services, reducing chances and make it possible for compliance, providing an extensive information protection platform. The Read Only Domain Controller allows the deployment of Active Directory Domain Services, meanwhile stopping duplication of the entire Active Directory repository, for improved protection against theft or compromise of the servers.

An excellent Foundation for Business Workloads

As pretty much the most accommodating and robust Windows Server operating system to date, Windows Server 2008 comes complete with brand new features including Server Core, PowerShell, Windows Deployment Services, and improved clustering technology and marketing. Windows Server 2008 supplies the most trustworthy and flexible Windows platform for your application and workload requirements. Server Manager accelerates setup and configuration, simplifying recurring server management roles with using a single management console. Windows PowerShell is a brand new command line shell with more than 130 tools. Its integrated scripting language enables administrators to automate regular system admin tasks, especially across many servers. Server Core, a new installation choice for selected roles, contains merely the necessary pieces and subsystems, without a GUI, giving a very available server and that requires much less updates and less service. Microsoft is nevertheless to announce once the Business Server model of Windows 2008 will end up being available, but this is expected later in 2008.

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