Summarizing Social Media Site in 2016

This is what our social media sites pages appeared like in 2016.

Facebook & YouTube News Feed

Some really random difficulty taking over the internet.

The upper leg space, the belfie, the salt as well as ice obstacle, the corn on the cob. All these strange challenges just made us recognize just how easily quirkiness spreads over the internet and just how one can locate common ground with others over these difficulties.

Please like in 5 secs, or something negative will certainly happen to you in the following 15 days kind of blog post.

We’ve all seen connections break, battles being fought, animals obtain mistreated as well as kid’s fall short tests – all because at some time of time, we missed liking “that” blog post.

Individuals risking their lives to capture Pokemon.

Increased reality is the future … We saw mature adults with twisted ankles, getting hit by a car or falling in ditches. Means to Adult … Really.

One scroll on Facebook, 4 wedded friends.

Yeah, this one’s unfortunately not a pattern yet fact. The wedded buddies just double every year, even three-way maybe. As well as the only point you can look forward to in 2017 is the last period of Game of Thrones.

Instagram News Feeds

Young as well as mature women contouring their confront with blades, cello tape and also heels.

As if the use of multiple brushes wasn’t made complex enough, worldwide makeup musicians introduced these awesome strategies to carve faces and also perfect selfies!

Some of your pals getting 4k fans overnight.

In school you hardly had two pals and also one of them was a publication. On social media you have a town following you.

One scroll, the Kardashians, Jenners Black Chyna & Tokyo Toni.

Due to the fact that- We like images of change -fat burning & gender loss, huge butts, nude selfies, wigs as well as elegant way of livings.

12 year olds in satin red lips, high heels as well as low slung tops.

Hmm, the lip shade is really quite good and also the hair looks simply. Kids today certainly have a much better design feeling than you ever had.

Yeah, this one’s sadly not a trend however reality. The wedded buddies only double each year, also three-way perhaps. In school you hardly had 2 close friends as well as one of them was a publication. On social media you have a town following you.

Hmm, the lip shade is really rather great and the hair looks simply.
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